Personalizing “Big Brother”

Extreme Web Personalization (a How-To) While I was at TuVox, I created quite a few one-of a kind marketing programs. One really cool idea was personalizing based on the domain name the web visitor is coming from.  That is, the website “morphs” depending on whether the visitor is a (1) prospect, (2) partner, or  …

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Getting to VITO

In the book “Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer)“, Anthony Parinello describes the 10 steps to get the attention of key decision makers. Awhile back, I created a demand generation campaign to get the attention of 50 decision makers at 50 insurance companies. Here is what I did  [view here]: I called the …

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7 Steps To Get Hired — Fast!

Having spent exactly three weeks looking for my next opportunity, I’d like to share some tips & tricks to get your next job. It’s not magic; you just have to understand how to take the Web 2.0 pieces and assemble them into a job hunting machine.

The secret is this: approach your job search like a marketing campaign.

Recent Articles

Steve Pollock/Ashok Khosla/Nick Ezzo in Entrepreneur Magazine Dec 2008 Although there is a link at the top of the page that clearly says “Articles”, I might as well throw in a gratuitous plug for my articles. From my work with TuVox and VisiStat, here are a few of the articles I have written, contributed to, …

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