Getting to VITO

getting-to-vitoIn the book “Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer)“, Anthony Parinello describes the 10 steps to get the attention of key decision makers.

Awhile back, I created a demand generation campaign to get the attention of 50 decision makers at 50 insurance companies.

Here is what I did  [view here]:

  1. I called the 50 top property and casualty insurance companies in the US and recorded what the caller experience sounded like.  As you can imagine, many of these were pretty bad.
  2. I posted all 50 recordings on a landing page, and sent the link to 50 VITOs at 50 companies.
  3. I watched the fireworks as these CEOs and VPs clicked — first on their own recordings, then on their competitors recordings.
  4. Once I knew who their top competitors were, the inside sales team sent  emails and made phone follow-ups:  “you want to sound better than X and Y, don’t you?”

The results:

Once we qualified out some of the smaller accounts, we booked more than a dozen meetings with insurance companies in North America.

Let’s hear it for VITO!

[view here]

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