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Over the years, I’ve been involved in several effective and interesting projects.

Here’s a sampler platter from the smorgasbord of marketing goodness.

Before & After Campaigns

nick-ezzo-perfect-router-campaignThis was hands-down the most effective campaign I have ever done, mostly because it’s just so simple.

I made a recording of a company’s terrible IVR system in all of its “press 1, press 2” glory, then I placed it on a web page along with a professionally recorded audio clip of what that company could sound like with a conversational speech solution from TuVox.

I included some sample metrics like “buttons pressed” and “number of menus” just to highlight the horrible inefficiency of the current system.

On the left is a sample I sent to William Clay Ford, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

After the page was ready, I sent a link to the page in a simple text email from TuVox CEO Larry Miller to the CEO of the company asking “have you called your customer service number lately?”, then I’d sit back and watch the sparks fly.

Using VisiStat, I watched the clicks come in and I could tell that the CEO email was being sent all over the company.

Inevitably, our CEO would get a phone call from the person in charge of the company’s customer experience.

At the height of this campaign, a full 40% of all targets agreed to a meeting or conference call with the sales rep.

For a few quarters we ran nothing but this campaign, and I personally ruined the day of over 300 CEOs.

[Enlarge image]

Customer-specific demos

American Eagle Demo PageThis was a demo template I created for several customers, including American Eagle Outfitters (image right).


  • Custom audio demo with personalization (Automated Order Status)
  • ROI Calculator that shows the results on-screen (and emails TuVox the call volume data)
  • Dynamic data dip pulls the account executive contact info
  • VisiStat Alert sends an email the moment the client visits the page

Click here to view the demo page

Vertical Industry Demos

Energy CampaignOn creating a lead gen piece targeted at  a specific  group, I always try to capture the attention of the audience with something they don’t expect.

In approaching the Energy Utility sector, I built a little Flash piece that spoke to the frustration that call center managers feel in an average day.

Click here to view the demo page

We followed up with a “before & after” of what these companies could sound like with TuVox.

The call to action for this campaign was a free “IVR Extreme Makeover” and this campaign resulted in several meetings with energy utility companies.

Print Ads

TuVox Magazine Ad 2008Although TuVox has moved away from print advertising, I had a rare opportunity to create a pretty interesting ad.

The initial concept came out of conversation I had with TuVox founder Steve Pollock, in which he said “call centers today are flushing money down the toilet”.

This morphed into “stop flushing money down the telephone”.

For the image itself, I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to make a composite of three different high-resolution images (the phone, the toilet bowl, and the money) and set it on a light-blue gradient.

The final product was assembled in Adobe InDesign CS3 and sent off to the publisher.

Piece of cake!

Click here for a PDF version of the ad.

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