1. Michael Waton says:

    Nick is a true professional and he knows his business. I have consulted with Nick and his organization on several projects and have found him to be very knowledgeable and hard working.

    I have also used Nick as a speaker at a few of our conferences, he always gets very high marks and does a great job. If you are looking for a better speech application or a speaker Nick at Tuvox is the guy to talk to!

  2. Tina Bean says:

    As the director of sales and marketing at a Web 2.0 company, I run across a lot of talented marketing minds…none, however as talented as Nick Ezzo.

    Nick is brilliant in the area of business-to-business lead generation. He relies on the latest technology to help him achieve maximum results in his position. And, on a consistent basis, he’s able to attain measurable results.

    He’s extremely technically adept and fantastic disposition makes him a pleasure to be with. Nick is someone I’ll keep in my Rolodex throughout my business career. Highly recommended!

  3. Jarrod Staffen says:

    Nick’s enthusiasm is infectious!

    I worked with Nick when I needed to establish a partnership with his company (Aspect), and his support and feedback was key to my success in doing so.

    Nick represents a rare breed, having the smarts and savvy required to grasp most technical concepts, while having the marketing and people skills needed to build partnerships.

  4. Björn Austraat says:

    Nick is the heart and soul of Marketing at TuVox. His creativity and business savvy in combination with tremendous hands-on skills in creating marketing collateral has yielded several unique and highly effective campaigns.

    You can count on Nick to come up with a truly differentiated idea that is then executed beautifully in the “tools of the trade” ranging from Adobe Photoshop to sophisticated web management suites.

    Nick is also an excellent team player, a dedicated colleague, and I recommend him without hesitation.

  5. Steve Pollock says:

    Nick created the most effective integrated, closed-loop B2B lead generation process I’ve seen, resulting in an amazingly high contact rate.

    This included custom crafted messages targeted to each specific customer based on Nick’s research and team feedback, emails and customer-specific landing pages, SalesForce.com integration, overall website integration, close coordination with the inside sales team, and real-time monitoring.

    Nick has a great combination of marketing savvy, creativity, and technical savvy – enabling him to implement campaigns himself or manage larger projects with contractors and agencies.

  6. Mark Karake says:

    Nick is a highly skilled and extremely creative marketing professional who I have had the pleasure of developing some very effective demand generation campaigns with.

    His work ethic and attention to detail is exemplary. His jovial, friendly attitude is always energizing and makes working with him a joy. Any marketing organization would be acquiring a game changing asset in Nick Ezzo.

  7. I worked with Nick at TuVox for about 18 months during my tenure there and I have also worked with him in my role at Genesys on the GVP and Strategic Solutions team for 3+ years. I have always found Nick to be extremely talented in the variety of technical marketing and marketing roles he played at TuVox.

    He has a passion for everything that he does and brings creativity, focus, perseverance and a bit of wry humor to the tasks at hand. I have never known Nick to miss a deadline in our 5+ years of working together. He also provides a good UI and has great presentation skills – to the point, good presentation style, keeps the audience engaged, not “death by PowerPoint”.

    If you have not looked at it, check out his website at http://www.nickezzo.com. I think it’s an excellent indicator of what Nick brings to the table.